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t KALS, we aim all of our work at transforming students mind, creating an environment and a team that believes through education we can change the world. It is my strong belief that every student entering the doors of KALS has the ability to succeed not just in academics but as individuals in their own unique way. We encourage students to look beyond the walls of the classroom and develop both their mental and physical capabilities. A key feature of KALS is our focus on sporting excellence through Ashwini’s Sports Foundation (ASF) housed in the campus providing opportunities to talented young sportsperson to experience the competitive world of Sport. Our vision is to create a culture of all round excellence that will help create champions of life. We are proud of the strength of the partnership between parents, staff and students which underpins the degree of progress our students attain.

The Academics
At the same time KALS is a nurturing environment. Excellence and not competitiveness guides the culture. We want winners to emerge from KALS - Winners not just on the field or in the boardrooms of corporate life but winners in life.
Summer Program
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