Mrs. Gowramma Nanjappa M.Sc, M.Ed

‘Each child is a global citizen closely crocheted together in an era of communication, collaboration and technology. However upholding our culture, tradition and fostering values, is our utmost priority being one of the pioneering educational institutions. Education at KALS broadens the horizon of the child to indulge in critical thinking and decision making which elevates their self-esteem.

Creating a responsible future citizen with the right attitude, commitment and zeal, who would work towards the common good of our society is the KALian educational perspective.’

Coordinators Speak

“Destiny of the future citizens is shaped in our Alma mater”. We take the onus of shaping the future of the society by developing good human resources.

Our school is unique as, we translate the school vision working in coordination with all our fellow teachers involving all departments. A blend of academic and co-curricular activities will be the prime focus, finding new ways of thinking and problem solving skills. Our priority is also to support the special educational needs of students and provide them equal access to learning opportunities. Our effort is to build confidence with team collaboration and cooperation, develop greater sense of self awareness and appreciation for others.

A well-disciplined, structured atmosphere will be created to serve, lead and we will continue to make a difference.