Mrs. Gowramma Nanjappa M.Sc, M.Ed

‘Each child is a global citizen closely crocheted together in an era of communication, collaboration and technology. However upholding our culture, tradition and fostering values, is our utmost priority being one of the pioneering educational institutions. Education at KALS broadens the horizon of the child to indulge in critical thinking and decision making which elevates their self-esteem.

Creating a responsible future citizen with the right attitude, commitment and zeal, who would work towards the common good of our society is the KALian educational perspective.’

Mr. Sanil Kumar M.Sc, B.Ed
Vice Principal

‘As a Vice-Principal of the Institution, the overall administration is looked into, through the network of support system channelized between the Principal and the Staff. The expertise in the field of teaching has helped me assist in the school improvement planning. Apart from ensuring academic success of students and dealing with teachers, school-community relations on the whole is addressed. Being a facilitator of Physics, focus is also on assisting students in preparing for the board exams. As a residential staff, well being of the inmates of the residential block is taken care. Be it handling student discipline or any crisis, or counselling students on personal, educational or vocational matters and other support services required for the success of the Institution has been the prime concern. Discussion is done on a daily basis with the faculty to address broader educational issues and helping carry on the vision of the Institution.

Mrs. Kabini Gowramma Montessori Educator, IMTC- Bangalore
Coordinator, Montessori

'Education during the formative years lays a strong foundation to foster autonomous, competent learning, to become responsible, adaptive individuals to boost lifelong learning and problem solving skills. Here in KALS we believe in the two fold development that is biological and social. From the biological side, we wish to help the natural development of the individual and from the social stand point, it is our aim to prepare the individual for the environment.

Our curriculum is child centered and makes the entire learning process creative, interactive and fun, thus helping children prepare for life with more organized approach.’

Mrs. Neeta Kaveriamma M.Sc, B.Ed
Co-ordinator Junior School

‘The elementary school needs creative touch to strengthen young minds. Children between Grade I to Grade VI are naturally curious, thus creativity is fostered in the classrooms and care is taken not to thwart their imagination by integrating art and creativity into the curriculum.At the junior level two fold development of a child is given prominence, that is biological and social. From the biological side, we help the natural development of the individual and from the social standpoint, it is our aim to prepare the individual for the environmentA solid foundation of knowledge and life skills are laid as our focus in the is to make students excited about what they discover and apply it to their advanced learning years.’

Mrs. Beena Cauveramma M.Sc, B.Ed
Co-ordinator Senior School

‘Children at the senior level are given a platform to showcase their potential and latent talents. The evolutionary changes and the changing face of the society is kept in mind and each child is trained to become a leader through varied activities –be it co-curricular, academics, prefectship or sporting activities, students at the senior school are given a helping hand to transform themselves into successful individuals. They are encouraged and monitored to build their level of confidence by boosting problem solving skills and widening their horizon of knowledge.

Technology is used to explore the concepts along with group discussions, role play, projects and online researchincluding task based and meta-cognitive strategies of teaching.’

Mrs. Muthamma K. B M.Com
Co-ordinator Pre-University

‘With the motive of imparting quality education and facing the competitive world, the Pre-University also focuses on holistic development of students. In collaboration with the Heads of the Department and other teaching staff of the Pre-University we plan activities that promote school spirit. We provide a milieu where all students discover and realise their unique academic, physical and emotional needs. A positive attitude towards learning is developed and the foundation of strong ethical values is laid as students are prepared for their future endeavours. Students are made to think critically, leadership qualities built, guided to face all competitive examinations.’