Mrs. Gowramma Nanjappa M.Sc, M.Ed

‘Each child is a global citizen closely crocheted together in an era of communication, collaboration and technology. However upholding our culture, tradition and fostering values, is our utmost priority being one of the pioneering educational institutions. Education at KALS broadens the horizon of the child to indulge in critical thinking and decision making which elevates their self-esteem.

Creating a responsible future citizen with the right attitude, commitment and zeal, who would work towards the common good of our society is the KALian educational perspective.’

Mr. Sanil Kumar M.Sc, B.Ed
Vice Principal

‘As a Vice-Principal of the Institution, the overall administration is looked into, through the network of support system channelized between the Principal and the Staff. The expertise in the field of teaching has helped me assist in the school improvement planning. Apart from ensuring academic success of students and dealing with teachers, school-community relations on the whole is addressed. Being a facilitator of Physics, focus is also on assisting students in preparing for the board exams. As a residential staff, well being of the inmates of the residential block is taken care. Be it handling student discipline or any crisis, or counselling students on personal, educational or vocational matters and other support services required for the success of the Institution has been the prime concern. Discussion is done on a daily basis with the faculty to address broader educational issues and helping carry on the vision of the Institution.

Coordinators Speak

“A teacher is a child’s trusted friend, not just facilitators of education but act as a guide-shaping the future of individuals, developing their thought processes and help them choose the right path in their pursuit for bright future.” We are teaching a generation of students who are superior in emotional and social skills.

Reflecting and assessing the execution of plans and focusing on the learning outcome of students is the priority as coordinators. Educational directions are reviewed with the co staff under the guidance of the Principal to establish educational standard and to build and foster relationship to work as a team. Emphasis is also on complying with the regulations of the school, monitoring student progress and resolving issues. Our prime concern is to explore and exploit the best of learning opportunities, critical thinking and problem solving skills, thus nurture and guide the next generation to achieve prosperity and fulfilment.

We collaborate and communicate openly with everyone and mediate regarding the overall well-being of the institution and plan a year that is wiser and better.

Mrs. Kavya Poovaiah - Montessori Coordinator

Mrs. Swaroop Ponappa - Junior School Coordinator

Mrs. Thangamma M N - Senior School Coordinator

Mrs. Cauvery Chengappa - Pre-University Coordinator