KALS Education Philosophy

Education in our country is largely about acquiring information through a set and limited curriculum and then testing the extent of the child’s retention of this information through some form of examination. The entire exercise is one of memory development. More evolved education looks at a child’s ability to grasp a concept rather than just remembering information and acting from this conceptual understanding. Conceptual skills have more adaptability and can benefit the child is many ways. And yet such skills are only within the framework of the set curriculum, making its application to life, limited.

Information is infinite and it is impossible to have it all stored in our brains. And with a society that is churning out information by the billions of gigabytes, there is great need now, more than ever before, to be able to make sense of the morass of images and words and respond intelligently. We are endowed with multiple ‘intelligences’ that allow us to respond to the moment in a right manner and with sensitivity. But in our eagerness to focus only on memory-based education we rarely allow those multiple intelligences to develop and hence our response becomes limited

The ability of the brain to respond with sensitivity requires the wholesome development of the brain’s innate intelligence and this goes well beyond text-books and the curriculum. What we are interested is in children who will act as a balancing force to today’s society that is driven by competition, aggressiveness and a growing insensitivity towards each other, other life and to Planet Earth.

When we began our journey in 2004 we wanted to ensure that the ‘body’ was as integral to education as was developing the mind. Sports and kinaesthetic intelligence was given the same importance in the curriculum as other subjects. Today we have established that well.

We are now taking the next step on this journey which is to develop each child’s innate intelligence and abilities through an approach that goes well beyond the text book and exposure to information to one where the child discovers living from one moment to another. We are after all not separate from Nature. We are Nature. And so our nurturing of a child is in tune with Nature! Both go hand in hand.