Sports at KALS

Integrated into our curriculum is sport, which is given high priority for the development of our children. We go beyond the traditional physical education (PE) and help children develop their innate physical potential through sport. All children are encouraged to go through a few sporting disciplines and we identify talent at an early age. Once identified, the children are then channelized in the right direction through quality coaching.

Our sports infrastructure is world-class and includes a full-fledged hockey ground, a 400m synthetic track for athletics, a 25 m swimming, pool, a 10m shooting range, basketball courts and four cricket nets. Our students participate in district level and national level competitions and have consistently topped the ICSE inter-school games bringing medals galore.


Based on the same campus is Ashwini’s Sports Foundation (ASF) whose intent is to help talented athletes in track & field, hockey and shooting to compete at the international level. Talented children at KALS have an opportunity to be absorbed into ASF after grade 12.

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Sports is more than just playing.

KALS offers the following sports: