Total School Experience

KALS is a total school experience from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

KALS is affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi and offers ICSE syllabus from Grade I to Grade X. Every class is divided into two sections with a maximum strength of 35. In Grade IX students can opt for Science or Commerce stream along with compulsory subjects prescribed by the Council.

Sport and Academics on an equal footing

The basis for starting KALS was to give sport the same importance as academics. Our curriculum is built around this and children get ample opportunity to develop physically and pursue their sport of interest within what we offer.

World-Class Infrastructure

Nestled among the picturesque mountains of South Coorg, the infrastructure of KALS is spread over 28 acres in a manner that supports an integrated way of learning.

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Residential Opportunity

Boys and girls at KALS can opt for day boarding or residential facility within the campus.

Boarding House

The boarding house is a fine blend of comfort and safety where structures and open space merge beautifully to create a vibrant environment for congenial coexistence. We have children’s coming from all over the world, students of the kalian family find school an extension of their home; a place where learning takes place in a caring and safe environment under the care of experienced resident heads and the team.

Student Counselling and Tutor system

A full-time special educator and a life skill counsellor address challenges of adolescence, peer pressure and academic stress and ensures the well-being of each student by providing guidance, emotional and academic assistance.